Part 2

Questions 7 – 13

For each question, choose the correct answer.

School gardens competition

Our class has just won a prize for our school garden in a competition – and they’re going to make a TV film about it! The judges liked our garden because the flowers are all different colours – and we painted some more on the wall around it. My cousin gave us advice about what to grow – she’s learning about gardening at college. We’re planning to grow some vegetables next year. I just hope the insects don’t eat them all!

Our teacher heard about the school garden competition on TV and told us about it. We decided to enter and won second prize! There’s a high wall in our garden where many red and yellow climbing flowers grow and it looks as pretty as a painting! Our prize is a visit to a special garden where there are lots of butterflies and other insects. My aunt works there and she says it’s amazing.

The garden our class entered in the competition is very special. The flowers we’ve grown are all yellow! They look lovely on the video we made of the garden. We also grew lots of carrots and potatoes, and everyone says they taste fantastic. It was an interesting project. Our teacher taught us lots of things about the butterflies in our garden. We also watched a TV programme about them, and did some paintings to put on the classroom wall.