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How I became a tennis coach


I grew up in Germany, but when I was 17, I moved to Spain so I could go to a tennis centre there. lt was hard to be without my family and friends, especially when I hurt myself or got ill. However, my tennis improved a lot. After three years, I left the centre and began my career. I started playing in big competitions around the world. I did OK, but wasn’t earning enough money, so I quickly decided to become a tennis coach instead. I now teach children who are just starting the game, which is fun.


When I was 14, my dad sent me to a tennis centre near my home in ltaly. He thought I might become a top player like him, but I saw how much time he spent going from one country to another during his career, and l’ve never wanted that for myself. My favourite things at the tennis centre were spending time at the pool or having barbecues with friends in the evenings. l’m now a coach, and teach young tennis stars at summer camps in ltaly.


When I went to live in Spain so I could go to a famous tennis centre there, my dad came with me, and my mum stayed at home in Scotland. My tennis really improved during my two years there, but when I broke my foot it became clear that a career as a tennis player wasn’t going to be possible. I went home for a year and then returned to the centre to do a coaching course. I now teach the best young players in Scotland.