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Learning for fun
Meet three women who enjoy taking classes in their free time.


I work full time as a nurse, and don’t have much time for hobbies, but I’ve been interested in photography since I was a child. On my last holiday to India, I took lots of pictures, and everyone I showed them to said they were great. So I decided to do a course. At first, I was afraid I might not be good enough. After all, it was my first time as a student for ten years! But l loved it from the very first lesson.


When I was still at school, I started learning the violin. lt was fun and I was quite good at it, but I didn’t do it for long, because I had so many other hobbies. Then last year, I was having a hard time in my job, and my husband bought me a violin as a present. I started learning with a teacher again. All three of my children are learning to play instruments too, so now we can practise with each other!


Last year I moved to a new city because of my job. I didn’t have anything to do in the evenings, so one of my colleagues said I should try a class at the local college. I immediately thought of cooking. My mum was a fantastic cook, and when I was a child I loved watching her in the kitchen, but I never learned how to cook myself. The other students on the course are around my age, and sometimes we go to restaurants together, or even the cinema.