Part 3

Questions 14 – 18

For each question, choose the correct answer.

Starting at a new school
By Anna Gray, age 11

I’ve just finished my first week at a new school and I’d like to tell you about it. Like other children in my country, I went to primary school until I was eleven and then I had to go to a different school for older children. I loved my primary school but I was excited to move to a new school.

It was very strange on our first day. There were some kids from my primary school there, but most of the children in my year group were from different schools. But I soon started talking to the girl who was sitting beside me in maths. She lives near me so we walked home together. We’re best friends now.

When I saw our timetable there were lots of subjects, some were quite new to me! Lessons are harder now. They’re longer and the subjects are more difficult, but the teachers help us a lot.

At primary school we had all our lessons in one classroom. Now each subject is taught in a different room. It was difficult to find the classrooms at first because the school is so big. But the teachers gave us each a map of the school, so it’s getting easier now.

The worst thing is that I have lots more homework to do now. Some of it is fun but I need to get better at remembering when I have to give different pieces of work to the teachers!