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Joining a ballroom dancing club
By Pippa Cartwright

When I started college, I wanted to find a club to join. One of the first ones I looked at was ballroom dancing – a type of dance you do with a partner. The people there seemed to be having a great time, and it didn’t cost much, so I decided to join.

The first week I went, I was really worried because the teacher told us that there were nineteen different dances we had to learn. But it’s been fine. When there’s a new thing to learn, he shows it to us lots of times and makes sure we’re all good at it before we do the next thing.

When I joined, I didn’t know any of the other people in the club because we all study different subjects. But it’s been a great way to meet people, and l’ve made some of my best friends in the club.

One of the reasons we learn the dances is to enter competitions. I couldn’t wait to do my first one. Before we started, I was a bit worried. But during the competition, my partner and I remembered everything about our dances. We were great. We didn’t win any prizes, but it didn’t matter – we loved it!

Joining the ballroom dancing club has been fantastic. In the past, I always did the same sports and activities, year after year, but ballroom dancing has taught me there’s nothing scary about doing something you’ve never tried before. I still do lots of sports, but now I can add ballroom dancing to my list of hobbies.