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My city
Pop singer Charlotte Bond talks about living in London.

I live in the centre of London. I love it because there’s always something happening and there are people around whatever time it is. Famous people like it too – they often come here for the restaurants and shops.

I’ve lived here all my life. When I was little, I had singing lessons at a place near where I live now. I was afraid of the teacher at first, and some of the songs we did together were quite hard to learn. But she was good at what she did and I learned a lot of things that have helped me in my career.

When friends visit me now, I enjoy taking them sightseeing. You can get a bus around the city, but we prefer to walk. I’ve got a little car and I love driving, but there’s so much traffic here, and it’s hard to find parking spaces.

One building I love is the Natural History Museum. They sometimes hold parties there, and last December my band and I played at one. I’ll never forget it. When I go to exhibitions at the museum with my friends, I tell them all about that night and how amazing it was.

Soon I’ll be leaving London to go on tour with my band. We’re playing in lots of new cities and I can’t wait to explore them. We’ve sold lots of tickets, which is great. I’ll be away from my family for six months, but they’re coming to see me sing, so it’s fine.