You are going to read a newspaper article about a guitar-making course. Six sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A-G the one which fits each gap (37-42). There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet.

Guitar that’s a work of art

Tom Pretlove learns how to make his own unique instrument under expert tuition.

When I arrive at Bailey’s Guitars, where I am to spend the next five days, my first impressions are not very positive. An old shed in the corner of an industrial estate, Bailey’s contains two old workbenches which sit beneath a couple of unsteady-looking shelves. The tutor, Mark Bailey is a man in his midthirties. He teaches people such as me how to build their own electric guitars. (1)…………. They shouldn’t be confused either with those which come in sections for you to put together yourself, following a few simple instructions. No, Bailey’s guitars are works of art, carved by hand from large pieces of wood, such as maple and mahogany. Trained as a maker of musical instruments since the age of sixteen, Mark Bailey is passionate about his craft and is a perfectionist. ‘I can’t let people make any old rubbish,’ he explains. (2)…………. Yet many of them are made by people who, like me, sign up for one week courses, having no previous experience. There are four of us on the course this week, each working at different speeds, and Bailey goes from one to another, making sure that no mistakes are being made. His face is screwed up in total concentration. (3)…………. So there are raised eyebrows when I ask to make the standard model. Surely I would like to add a few personal touches – wasn’t that the point of coming? With the course costing just £400 per week, these guitars work out cheaper than having one made for you by a professional. And making your own involves plenty of choices such as the type of wood used and the colour of the varnish. (4)………… The work is divided into about 50 different tasks and Bailey has a tried and tested method for each stage of the process. Machines are used for some of the jobs. This is the first woodwork I have tackled since leaving school a decade ago, so I needed a lot of guidance. (5)…………. In two years, only one pupil has made such a drastic mistake that a half-finished guitar had to be thrown away. Most of those who come to Bailey’s are men, but they vary in age from teenagers to old-age pensioners. Our working day began about 9 a.m. and went on until late in the evening and I found the work unexpectedly hard and physical. (6)………… On the last evening, after fixing the various electronic parts together inside our guitars, we are ready to play them for the first time. Bailey, who claims he can only ‘bash out a couple of tunes’ gives each instrument a trial, mine included, playing each one with considerable style. Witnessing this brings it home to you that you’ve actually produced a genuine musical instrument. In fact, I realised that the sound of my guitar had come from all my hard work over the five days. By this time, I must admit that I’d even come to feel quite at home in the scruffy shed on the edge of the industrial estate.