Look at the sentences below about two wildlife filmmakers.

Read the text to decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect.

If it is correct, mark A.

If it is incorrect, mark B.

Wildlife Filmmakers


Richard and Sonia Muller make documentaries about wildlife, particularly dangerous animals, like the big cats found in Africa. Film-making for them is a way to bring the message of the importance of understanding wildlife to international audiences, with their last film, Staying Alive, exploring relationships between lions and other wildlife in one special project run by a wildlife organization that was providing information about the falling numbers of big cats, especially lions, they immediately agreed to take part.


Richard grew up near a wildlife park and as a child was keen on filming what he saw. The couple were introduced at university in Cape Town, and quickly realized how much they had in common. They were both curious about the natural world and Sonia soon discovered a similar talent for filmmaking. As a child in South Africa Sonia often ran off alone to explore the wild areas surrounding her home, despite her parents’ fears.


When asked what they found hardest about their work, Sonia and Richard have the same answer – leaving an area and finishing a project. Sonia adds that the hours required can be hard, and things like the heat, dust, and bugs make it very tiring. The excitement of her work comes from not knowing what will happen, perhaps even discovering something new for science, while Richard takes most interest in spending time with individual animals, getting to know their character.