You will hear a radio programme about a boy called Michael who crossed the Atlantic in a sailing boat. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences.

Write your answers on a separate sheet, then check if they are correct! 

Sailing solo across the Atlantic


To achieve his record, Michael had to sail a total of (9)____________ kilometres without any help.  


Michael helped to design his boat which was called (10)___________ . 


Michael and his father were concerned in case any (11) __________ came too close to them. 


All the food that Michael took on his voyage was in (12) _______ bought at the supermarket.


The type of food which Michael missed most on the trip was (13) ________ . 


Michael enjoyed using his (14) __________ to keep track of what his father was doing.


Michael’s favourite pastimes on the boat were using his sister’s (15) ________ and reading.  


Michael got a fright when a (16) _______ landed on him. 


The name of the charity that Michael is raising funds for is (17) ________ .


When Michael sails round the world, he plans to take (18) ________ with him in case he feels homesick.