You will hear a radio programme about a day in the life of a television researcher. For questions 9-18,  complete the sentences.

Write your answers on a separate sheet, then check if they are correct! 


TV Researcher

 The subject that Rita studied first at university was (9)____________ .


 Before getting her present job, Rita studied a subject called (10)___________  . 


 On the day she tells us about, the country where Rita was working was (11) __________ . 


 There were a total of (12) ________ people in Rita’s team on that day. 


 The animal which Jamie had to photograph was a sort of (13) _______  .


 The camera crew had to film Jamie as he climbed over the edge of a (14) __________ .


 Rita’s lunch consisted of sandwiches with (15) ________   inside.


 Jamie had to hold a (16) ________  to help him see the crocodiles as he crossed a river.


 A special light which the crew was using, known as a (17) _______  stopped working. 


 Rita says that Jamie looks really (18) ________  when you see him crossing the river on the programme.