Read this e-mail and answer the questions.

Hi John,

How are you? I hope you are fine. I am in Oxford this summer. I am studying English at the Oxford Summer Academy. I have got a very good teacher. She is from London. Her English classes are very good because we watch videos, listen to songs, and play games. We are in small groups of ten or twelve students. We do social and cultural activities too. We read simplified English literature books. My favourite writer is Charles Dickens. Last week, we went to the theatre and we saw Romeo and Juliet. There is an attractive programme of excursions. Our first full-day trip was to London. We saw some monuments and tourist attractions. Last weekend, we had an international party. The students brought typical food from their countries. I ate French, Italian and German food. My Spanish omelette was a success! We danced a lot and we sang English songs. We had a nice evening and I met a lot of people from different countries. Are you in London? We can meet next Saturday if you like. Answer me soon.

Take care, Rosa