What do you think about…shoes?

Most of us wear shoes every day. They protect our feet from the things we do every day – walking, school, sports and so on. But for some people they are more than that. They follow shoe styles, and a good pair of fashionable shoes – trainers, sandals, or regular shoes – will not be cheap. Magaboutyou did a survey and we discovered that many of you pay a lot of money for shoes. We think it’s because they are an essential fashion item – for guys and gals! A pair of shoes can make or break your style!  

Here are some of the comments from the survey

I think it’s silly the way everyone in my school wears the same shoes. We don’t have a uniform but the girls all wear the same black trainers. There is one girl in my class who wears different things – but she isn’t fashionable, in my opinion. My friends and I wear comfortable trainers and yes, maybe they are all from the same shop. But we like them!

Raffi, South Africa

I love shoes, especially trainers. They are fashionable and comfortable. You can wear them with everything – trousers, skirts, and so on. At school we did a project where we had to add something to a pair of white trainers. I wrote half my name on the left, and the other half on the right. It was such a cool project.

Anne Belle, New Caledonia.

At my school we all have to wear black or brown shoes. It’s silly because they are really unfashionable. Nobody likes them. The teachers say they are good shoes for school, but they don’t wear them! Our art teacher has a great collection of shoes and in the summer, her sandals are always so pretty. She’s really well dressed. I want to dress like her.

Kat, Turkey